Why should you promote 99DollarSite.com?

99DollarSite.com offers afforable website design packages for everyone. We make it easier than ever for businesses, organizations and individuals to go online. Couple that with free 24/7 customer support and you have a company which prides itself in offering affordable prices with exceptional customer service. Our business continues to grow via word-of-mouth from our existing clients. It is a shining example that we are doing things right. We really appreciate individuals referring their fellow friends and in addition to being grateful, we also like to reward them monetarily for their service.

Who can join our referral program?

Anyone can! If you are an existing client, organization or an individual, simply sign up using the form below to join our referral program.

How much can you earn?

We pay you $20 for each client referred. If you are an existing client of 99DollarSite, we will reward you even more; in addition to $20, you will receive a free year of hosting! Refer 10 or more customers and you will receive free hosting and domain name renewals for life (until you remain our client).

How do we track your referrals?

Simply advise your referrals to inform us that they were referred by you. Please note that a referral credit is issued when the client completes a transaction with us.

How are payments made?

We make payments through PayPal. We pay after each referral is confirmed, no minimum balance required.

Ready to get started?

Signing up is easy. Simply enter your information below to get started with our referral program.

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