About Our $99 Website Package

Are you a small business owner, small organization or an individual who doesn't have a big budget for website design? Do you require a simple website which is elegant yet affordable? If so, our $99 website package is the ideal solution for you. Our team will develop a professional and responsive website built using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. The site will adopt to different screen sizes and viewable through all devices. In addition, you have the option to include logos, images, social media links, externally hosted videos, contact form, Google map of your business and more. The $99 design fee includes upto 5 web pages, 1 year of hosting and 1 year of .com domain name registration.

What are my design options?

We have over 75 professionally designed templates for you to choose from. If you are not too picky about colours, these templates will meet all of your design needs.

What if my site requires more than 5 pages?

We understand that certain sites may require more than 5 pages. Simply tell us what type of pages they will be and we will let you know of any extra cost upfront; thus, no unexpected surprises for you later on.

Are there any other fees besides the $99 design fee?

No. The $99 fee includes the design and setup of your site, 1 year of hosting and 1 year of .com domain name registration. After one year expiry, you will only pay $2.99 per month for website hosting and $15 per year for renewing the domain name. These fees are explained below:

  • Domain Name Registration: A domain name (www.yourbusiness.com) gives you an unique address on the Internet. If you already own a domain name then you will not incur any additional cost. However, if you require a domain name registration, a registrar will charge around $15 per year for this service. The $99 design fee includes 1 year of domain name registration.
  • Website Hosting: A web hosting company hosts all the files needed to display your website on the Internet. You are welcome to choose any host of your choice. If you wish to have us look after your hosting, we charge only $2.99 per month for webhosting service. This is one of the lowest price you will find anywhere on the net. Learn more about our web hosting. The $99 fee includes one year of free hosting!

Will my site be Search Engine Optimized?

Yes, we will be doing basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the site. Your site will also be submitted to Google and several other search engines for free. However, we do not gurantee any search engine ranking as SEO companies typically charge $300 per month for that service. Our $99 package is ideal if you simply wish to take your business online with minimal expense.

How long will it take for my site to go live?

Usually within 3-5 days. Rush service is available upon request.

How many e-mail accounts are included with my site?

You will receive 3 free e-mail accounts (example@yoursite.com)

Can you re-design websites for $99?

Yes, we can re-design your existing website if it's simple and fits within the requirements of our $99 package. However, larger sites maybe re-designed for additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

What about site updates?

Site updates are available at nominal cost. Simply let us know what updates are required and we will inform you of the cost (if any). Minor updates such as Telephone Number or Address Changes are done for free!

How do you accept payments?

We accept secure payments through PayPal.

Do you offer any money back gurantee?

Absolutely. If you are not satisfied with our services prior to the launch of your website, your money will be returned, no questions asked. We are only able to refund the design and hosting fees. Unfortunately, if a domain name is purchased, we are not able to refund that fee as it is done through a third party registrar. However, you will have full ownership of the domain name.

Do you offer any discount for non-profit organizations?

We don't have any formal discounts in place. However, we appreciate the good work you do for humanity. Simply contact us and we will work something out.

I am ready to proceed with your $99 package, what should I do?

Great choice! Visit our Contact Us page today to get in touch.

I still have more questions...

Contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions. We respond within the same business day